What garden sprayers can be used for small farms?

To fight garden pests and vegetable processing plants must be different mixtures.Our grandparents used for these purposes broom, which dipped into the prepared solution.Spraying in this way - it's not the most pleasant experience.In addition to consuming time and energy, and even the quality of treatment is not the highest.It is best to "processed" the employee was: spray flying in all directions.

Today, the choice is very large nozzles.For smaller sites have hand pomp and garden sprayers for large farms fit the model with electric drive, or Motor-sprayers.Let us consider devices for small farms.

garden sprayer manual

most simple and low-end models - manual.They are capacitive and bezemkostnye.The principle of operation of any type of hand sprayer same: the solution sprayed by the movable handle.

bezemkostnuyu Using the model, the solution is prepared in a separate bowl, dipped in the hose connected to the spray gun.These garden sprayers are not very productive and totally uneconomical: there

is no possibility to adjust the value drops because the flow rate is very high.In addition, these models are uncomfortable to wear for an account for a bucket or other utensils with a solution.

quite another matter - capacitive garden sprayers: they have a reservoir and power control jet (located mostly on the handle).Use these models to process small areas or individual plants: very much a small amount from the container (from 0.5 to 3 liters).Hand-held spray guns are popular with gardeners.They are used for handling and spraying indoor plants, and they are suitable for growing seedlings.

knapsack sprayer garden

for large areas require capacity decent size (7 to 16 liters).Wearing such a device in the hands of hard and uncomfortable, because most of them are produced in the form of backpacks.Usually this pump action spray.They work on the principle of overpressure.After filling the tank with a solution tightly screw cap.Using the pump mechanism is pressurized in a tank of liquid.On the handle of the spray gun has a special button (sometimes the valve), when clicked, starts spraying.

garden sprayers of this type are more convenient and allow you to handle large area.The set can be telescopic handle, which allows high-quality spray tall trees.So you can carry out the processing of the crown, not only outside but also inside.Pour the solution should be much less: the pressure created is sufficiently high spray pattern gets more and drops - small.The disadvantage of these garden sprayers - the need to constantly maintain the pressure, podkachivaya his pen.To eliminate this inconvenience, garden sprayers have been designed with built-in electric motor.The power source can serve as a rechargeable battery.However, there are devices that operate on the network, but they have limited mobility, and therefore not widely available.