Microwave oven does not heat, but it works.

Microwave oven does not heat ... Light is, plate spinning, buzzing fan, but the food or water is not heated.When such a simple, but not very cheap and made necessary a thing as a microwave oven, it is easier to repair than to throw in case they go all the skills of home repair home appliances.Everything you need for a positive result - a basic knowledge of the fundamental unit of electrical engineering, electronics and, in extreme cases, the skills of information retrieval on the Internet.

The most common theme repair microwaves generated little interest among many owners.Like, no sale of spare parts, workshop "wring" prices for the restoration and more.In fact, the work of the microwave oven can be restored, and it will last for quite some time, to the same success with imported parts are replaced.Cheap and cheerful.

Let's begin.The most "sick" question: "Microwave works but does not heat.What to do?".Everyone knows that in order to understand the problem, the first thing you need to parse a broke

n technique.And if there are no visible defects, check all contacts.De-energize the oven, remove the lid (difficulties should not be).Then have to do the following: to liberate all terminals, handle contacts fine sandpaper and assemble in reverse order.Particular attention should be paid to the power contacts in a transparent sheath.Check for signs of burning.

checked - collected, but microwave oven does not heat?It is necessary to measure the voltage in the network.It should be clarified that the majority of microwave ovens at a voltage of 205 V, even heat does not become.Check outlets and extension cords.All right?Then dismantle again.We need to measure the voltage at the input of the mains transformer.Connect a tester to the network include a microwave oven and run the operating mode, ie, in the microwave heating.Now options, why not warm microwave, became less.

There is another simple option fault, in which case the microwave works, but not warm.This - the fuse.They are usually two in the microwave, and the output of any of them fails it leads to malfunction.The issue is banal.Take a sample (on different models use different fuses) and buy at Radio Shack near exactly the same.It costs about 30 rubles.But many still prefer to install "bugs."Be careful.We are in any case do not recommend such a "replacement".

Firstly, these "improvements" unsafe structure.Very high fire danger, and you run the risk of losing not only a microwave, but a large part of the property.Secondly, even if you picked up the corresponding section of the wire, which more or less corresponds to the requirements of safety, do 30 rubles - so high a price for a new fuse?Buy, place and be absolutely quiet.The only issue is the cause of failure of this part.And even if you find out why the microwave oven does not heat - this is not a fact troubleshooting.It is possible that the fuse has become, as they say, a symptom.Check out this easy.If everything works fine, but after a day or two microwave does not heat again, will have to go to a service center or the store for a new "heater."

addition of minor reasons, of course, may be that the microwave oven does not heat because of deterioration or defective parts.If you are faced with a second cause, and microwave oven bought recently, bring it back to the store.Remember that the "open" technique is possible only after the expiration of the warranty period.Otherwise, the warranty is void.

Do not forget that bold experiments can be risky.If you do not feel confident in their knowledge and abilities, leave the microwave repair professionals.