Wall panels Kitchen: Style and Functionality

If the phrase "ceramic tile," strong (and often unfairly) evokes associations with the dull monotony of the past, and you are determined to replace it with something more modern, the wall panels for the kitchen will delight you with the variety of styles and materials.

choice depends not only on the overall color scheme and style of the room.It takes into account and utilitarian aspects such as the presence of a gas stove in the kitchen, which defines the requirements for heat resistance panels;the proximity of the hob to the wall;time and money that you are willing to spend on repairs, as well as ease of installation and subsequent replacement.

most carefully consider the material is so-called apron.Very common wall panels Kitchen of plastic (PVC) and laminated chipboard.Often, seemingly difficult to distinguish one from the other.The proposed sale of texture and color of plastic panels make them so similar to other materials that the suspect hard plastic, even looking at them at close range and

trying to touch.Plastic is lightweight and low cost, for both the ceiling and walls, and directly to the apron, which can be easily cut a hole for the outlet.For the apron panel typically use a greater thickness than the rest of the wall or ceiling.Mounting of the panels does not require much time and special skills.You can use both common boards and plates, and even entire sheets.Disadvantages?Plastic bad burns.Plastic panels on the wall have different fire safety, and if you - the owner of the gas stove, this time should be given special attention.Otherwise, the plastic will melt, emit an unpleasant odor and may even catch fire.In addition, not all are willing to be in the room, completely decorated with plastic, preferring a more natural materials.

laminated chipboard has similar advantages and allows interesting combinations with kitchen unit made of the same material.As with PVC panels, they often supply company, manufactures custom-made furniture.Restrictions on the installation of an apron made of particleboard is also the proximity of the gas burner.Care of the panels of both types is wiping with a damp cloth and mild detergent.If you have a good drawing wall panels Kitchen retain their good looks for a long time.And if you want to update the interior, replacing them is not a problem.

If simplicity and economy - not all of what you want from the interior of the kitchen, and your imagination closely in the framework of the usual, look to other materials.For example, glass wall panels for the kitchen allow you to implement almost any idea.Want to see a blossoming meadow and the window - a house across the street?Juicy fruit, intricate patterns, and perhaps your own drawings or photos - the list is infinite.Heat resistant glass can be installed in any kitchen in the vicinity of the plate, it does not stand the beating and cleaning of any household cleaning products.Frosted glass several practical transparency, since it invisible traces of water ingress.Glass apron can be ordered from a specialized firm or the manufacturer of your kitchen furniture.Its relatively high cost is compensated by the impression produced.It can successfully complement the interior space, and it can become the main highlight, of course, will serve you for years to come.

original paneled walls may be made, for example, and made of metal.They will add to your kitchen shine and emphasize its manufacturability.They are not afraid of any oil spray, or hot steam.However, metal wall panels Kitchen categorically do not like abrasives care and have another drawback: the need to constantly get rid of the streaks and fingerprints.Special wet wipes and other means to care more easier task, but if you do not have enough patience and time to spare, it is necessary to find another option, limiting, for example, the shiny stainless steel cookware.