Quality installation of interior doors with their hands

If you must install an interior door with your hands, you should first study the technology of manufacturing and installation of high-quality design.This will give the room a nice look and functionality.It
correct installation of interior doors with their hands largely determines the durability and reliability during operation.Of course, the best option is to entrust the installation of experienced professionals who during the work guarantee high quality.Very often firms that sell interior doors and kitchen door, offer installation services for the construction, taking into account individual characteristics and according to the measurements of the doorway.

First of all, the very installation of interior doors with their hands involves checking and preparing the web, as you must ensure that no chips, cracks, which are major causes of poor installation and deformation of the whole structure.

At the first stage it is advisable to check the level of the floor.This is done by building a level that is

placed in a horizontal position.As a rule, the permissible difference in the values ​​of the sides of the opening is not more than 3 mm.

At the second stage assembly of the box, which is an apex and two legs interconnected by a U-shaped (there must be made so as to form an angle of 90 degrees) with screws.

further installation of interior doors with their hands involves fixing collected in boxes prepared by the doorway.Note that the loop is in the rack upright.

After installing the door with his hands foaming process begins.This step is required for high-quality installation, as it is necessary secure the box in the opening of the door without forming any gaps and large cracks.Generally, for a fast and high-quality foaming it is advisable to seal the box with tape special construction, thus avoiding direct contact with the outer side jambs.After the final drying foam (about a day), you can start cutting the surplus.
Only then should start to install casing, which is usually mounted in the prepared grooves with a sealant.

Standard interior doors are equipped with a universal lock that has the ability to lock with a key or with a special control knob.If desired, you can change the direction of opening the interior door, considering simple rules.For example, it is possible to turn upside down the door itself or the locking mechanism.

great importance has the process of operation of interior door, as it affects the durability, reliability and beauty of appearance.It should be noted that the doors must be cleaned regularly of various contaminants, as well as the use of special means to maintain the original characteristics of the material used.For example, painted or varnished surface of the door clean with soapy water using a soft cloth or sponge for dishes.More complex and ingrained dirt stains are removed using a cloth dipped in turpentine.In no case do not use various solvents, as they have a negative effect on the surface of the leaf.Laminated doors are also cleaned with soapy water or alkali solution.In any case, after the use of various solutions necessary to wipe the door clean cloth and then remove remaining moisture, as it may cause deformation of the web and derating the material from which made interior door.