Make plasterboard partitions with their hands

Since repairs in the apartment, to think about how best to bring smoother surface of the walls and ceiling.How would you not plastered walls, as if they are not aligned, still they are not perfectly smooth and even.To achieve an ideal surface, the wall can be closed with plasterboard.In addition, if desired, you can build plasterboard partitions with their own hands, if space allows.

Where to start to build a partition?First we need to plan your room.Make the necessary markings.Take a thin rope and draw a line on the floor, where it is supposed to make the partition.The spirit level and plumb to ceiling and walls to continue the line.Laser level would fit better, but not everyone has it in stock, so we use the rope.

During construction plasterboard partitions technology provides metal frame.The metal base is made up of profiles, which are fastened plasterboard sheets.

So, all marked out and prepared, you can start the construction.First, cut off the required length of the mounting angles.Do not

forget that in places where there will be door profile is interrupted.It must make an incision in these parts, metal scissors or hacksaw, and bent up to 90 degrees.Approximate height - 15-20 cm.

usually plasterboard partitions built with his own hands at least two people.But you can alone.Of course, it will be harder and longer, but if there is no assistant, it will have to manage on their own.

After every 50-60 cm screws fasten the profile to the floor.On the ceiling rails are mounted using the perforator.Just mark up the attachment points and drilled holes in which to insert the plastic plugs.Then fasten the mounting angles.Both profile, upper and lower, must be strictly against each other, otherwise the partition will be inclined.Then redo difficult.

How to build a wall of plasterboard, discussed below, and while continuing to strengthen the metal profile.In the place where the planned opening for the door, set a profile and connect it with the previous dog-eared.The length he should be the same as the height between ceiling and floor, but with a deduction of one centimeter on each side.Then try on the door frame and the door itself.If it is level with respect to the profiles by means of screws it is set in place.Thereafter, on the door frame and set the fasten metal profile, which is prepared in the same manner as the lower.That is also Bends both ends at right angles to the convenience and reliability of fastening.

making the first plasterboard partitions with their own hands, you gain experience.Further construction of the walls will be much faster.Securing the door on a vertical profile, start the installation of the second lead.Cut to size, insert it into the upper and lower profiles, and screwed screws.To give rigidity to the upper profile that is located on the door frame, enhances its cut short by the size guides.

device plasterboard partitions with their own hands will be completed after securing to the frame itself sheets.Cut the sheet of drywall at a rate equal to the height between the floor and ceiling, and even cut off one centimeter from the part that is closer to the floor.This is to ensure that did not get wet.Then, with the help of two plates lift the sheet to the ceiling and fix it.Convinced that one of the profiles is in the middle of the sheet, are starting to mount.Self-tapping screws every 25 cm fasten drywall to the profile.In the same way we set the following lists and fix them.