Roman blinds in the interior

Curtains - is the most important element of the interior, which can be, how to decorate the window and hide something unwanted.It is this detail gives the room a special expressiveness and sets the mood.

styles of drapery there are so many, it's all the usual classic curtains, and exotic oriental cloth, curtains and ultra-modern screens.

Roman blinds are one of the most ancient ways of decorating the windows, it is believed that the first time such structures have been tried in ancient Rome.The design of the drapery is simple, but at the same time, original and practical.Perhaps this is why Roman blinds are currently at the peak of popularity.

Traditional Roman blinds - it's flat straight piece of fabric, which can be assembled with simple chain mechanism in the flat and broad horizontal folds, such as blinds.Fully raised blinds neat roller going over the window.

described consist of drapery cornice on which the shaft and power lifting, and the actual panels.Pulling the cord can quickly raise or

lower the curtain.A fabric panels to successfully keep the shape, it sewed so-called ribs, made of wood or plastic slats.Fully lowered roman blinds looks sleek as a screen.

should be noted that Roman blinds are virtually universal.They can be installed in a window opening on the wall or ceiling.This window decoration is appropriate in any room, and where due to lack of space it is impossible to hang the traditional curtains, Roman blinds may be the only acceptable option.

advantage of Roman blinds can be called their practicality and ease of use.With these draperies can easily adjust the light entering from the street to the apartment.Easy to cut and no extra folds contributes to the fact that the Roman blinds is practically do not accumulate dust.And the condition that is used for their production, mostly natural materials makes these decorative elements environmentally friendly.

And how to use Roman blinds in the interior?In fact, the use cases of this type of decoration for the window, there are many.Such curtains are appropriate in almost any style.They will be able to emphasize the simple, elegant classics, slightly lower pretentiousness exquisite modern, high-tech and modern interiors with the use of this kind of curtains will certainly become more interesting and expressive.

Such wonderful draperies will decorate almost any room.For example, buy a nice Roman shades for the kitchen - it is more profitable option than buying the traditional curtain.Firstly, Roman blinds are more hygienic than conventional fabric draping to the floor.Second, this version of the window decoration practically does not take place, that small kitchens important.

Most often, Roman blinds adorn the small single-box, however, that option decorating will look great no matter what size the window.Just when opening wide enough Roman blinds is better positioned in several rows.

very well suited to the Roman shades interiors ethnic and environmental areas that are close to nature.But even in these vintage style curtains will look great, simply must pick up other colors fabric.For example, in the retro interior perfectly fit Roman blinds made of fabric in horizontal stripes.

It is appropriate for the range of Roman blinds window decoration in the office.Indeed, in this room the main business stand laconic style that this type of fine jewelry box support if they are made of monophonic material.

Create a romantic, aimed at holiday atmosphere in the bedroom is possible with the help of Roman blinds golden-beige shades, decorated with ruffles, bows, tassels and other decorative elements.But for the child should choose funny and bright fabrics that will decorate and brighten up the room.