The fillers used in the manufacture Cushions

«believe that success comes to those who get up early.No: Success comes to those who get up in a good mood. "- Said once the French writer and playwright Marcel Achard.It is impossible not to agree - in fact, if you get up in the morning overwhelmed, unrefreshed, then the identified cases in the evening fades into the background, not enthusiastic.No, of course we'll go to work and do business, but with what attitude it will be done, and therefore how well - that's what matters.

To dream became healthy, and it is refreshing and profound, needs the right approach to the choice of co-sleeping things.They are not so much: pillows, blankets, mattresses, bed linen - but the variety of species is impressive.

artificial, natural, artificial disguised as natural - no fillers just will not find on sale, and because there is no one true version, suitable for the comfort of all and always.

Take as an example a pillow from the store natural filler - bamboo.It is used fo

r both blankets and cushions for.Its fibers are easier to all wool, it perfectly absorbs moisture and has the ability to regulate temperature, providing cool, that will be appreciated in the summer.

camel coat perfectly removes static electricity, retains heat expense of high levels of lanolin (animal fat) in the wool, and it is considered to be curative - for rheumatism, pain in the muscles, nervous stress.

Buckwheat hulls used in the production as the pillows and mattresses.Provides soft acupressure, allowing the muscles to relax and totally unwind.Specially treated buckwheat keeps cool, allows air to circulate, even in the hottest weather will sleep comfortably.

synthetic filler (hollofayber, polyester, sintepuh, etc.) is usually characterized by pomp - the fibers are folded in the form of springs or balls and contain more air.Also synthetic fillers do not start dust mites and micro-organisms, parasites, indicating that hypoallergenic products.

popular nowadays pillows from artificial swan down different amazing softness and lightness that puts them on a par with products made of natural down, but unlike the latter, it will not form any foreign odors or vermin or dust that is veryit is important for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

It is equally important to choose an experienced producer who in his production of textile products will be strictly complied with all requirements of Russian and international standards, the quality of products as well as prices.To help you in choosing can LLC "Nika Northwest" at

We have described only a fraction of the diversity that we face when choosing products for sleep.Select them according to the season, by personal preference, by the recommendations of physicians, do not let the purchase of these goods to chance, because they determine your comfort and health.Be healthy, Be successful! »