How to build an origami "Tank"

Approaching holiday on 23 February.What to give to men in this day?To date, it has become popular crafts out of paper.For example, it can be in the form of origami tank weapons.It will be great to collect such crafts with the children and give dad and grandpa.We would like to bring to your attention several workshops on origami "Tank."

Figure 1

you need:

- adhesive;

- line;

- one sheet of colored paper;

- simple pencil;

- scissors.


Take a sheet of paper.Designate a pencil with a line of square and rectangle.Cut.Then take the resulting square sheet.Folded in half.Both sides to the middle of the bend.Spread.Leaf turn ninety degrees.Bend and straighten crafts in half.Again overturn.And they made two fold out.So we have identified the future parts of the tank.Folded in half again and the two corners on the sides.Deploy them to get two triangles.Turn the product.By folding lines turn away the lower part of the tank.Getting manufacturing barrel.Take the previously prepared rectangular sh

Make the fold at a distance of ¼.Overturn.Pencil do two equal width dotted lines along the entire length of the sheet.Fold the top left corner to one of the lines.Spreads.Do the same with the other hand.Insert the barrel tank.For the strength you can stick it.Ready to hack.So you can decorate your tank postcard Defender's Day.

Origami "Tank T-34": Scheme 2 and photo

You will need:

- triangular modules (six hundred pieces);

- four match-boxes;

- scissors;

- used Case of lipstick.

How to make origami "Tank":

first scheme will be made for the tank wheels.It is necessary to make them a total of seven.Six wheels go on the track and one - the tower.Prepare triangular modules.You will need one wheel seventy two parts green, six - yellow and brown colors.Twenty four green module collects three rows.In the middle of the wheel, insert the yellow and brown.Hands are shaped so as not disintegrated product.Make another of six.Now proceed to the "caterpillar".Collect seven modules, then six and thirty alternate rows so.Close to the ring.But do not forget to insert a three-wheel inside.The second "caterpillar" make the same way.Putting tower.Take the box of matches.First, cut a hole.Then glue the boxes in two rows.Paste paper.Prepare a wooden round workpiece or can take to use lipstick.We go back to making origami "Tank."Putting six and seven modules in turn seven series.This is for the front of the tank and to the rear - five rows.We continue to make a tower.Take the 7th wheel wrapped with the "Caterpillar" (see above for how to do).To make a hole in the gun turret.To collect it, you will need two or three modules in turn (fifteen rows).Insert the tower.Done origami "Tank."Technique of addition is quite simple, and the child can handle.His outline of the resulting model resembles a Soviet T-34 tank.

This is such wonderful crafts you can do.Good luck in the manufacture!