How to make tassels on the scarf?

fringed knitwear looks beautiful and rich.Scarves, shawls, ponchos, scarves - these are the garments that adorn tassels.Perform such decorative elements simply and easily.With this kind of work can cope even novice needlewoman.Today let's talk about how to make tassels on the scarf.Attention masters presented two embodiments of such jewelry accessory knitting.We invite you to read in them.

preparatory stage

To make tassels for the scarf, you need the following tools and materials:

  • scissors;
  • crochet hook;
  • paperboard;
  • yarn;
  • scarf.

Number hook must correspond to the thickness of the skin, which is made from a scarf.Otherwise, you may be hard to reach them through the knitted fabric.Yarn color may be different, but the thickness is desired to match the one from which the main product.

Learn fringe

do you want to learn how to make tassels on the scarf?Study the following statement.

  1. Cut pieces of yarn.Their length shall be twice the size of the desired fringe.How to perform this procedure?
    Take a piece of cardboard, the width of which corresponds to the brush size.In a wind the yarn and then cut from one side.As a result, you get the same along the length of the elements.
  2. Cut yarn fold in half.Hook type in the beginning of the last row of knitting scarves, hook a piece of yarn formed by adding the loop and pull it half the length through the web.Next, thread the ends of yarn in the loop and tighten.One element is made of fringe.Thus do the whole series.
  3. on the opposite edge of the brush do the same way.
  4. scissors trim the entire fringe.

How to make tassels on the scarf more lush?Just follow one broach once for two or three strings.

Making the brush on the scarf.Method №2

looks very cute accessory, the ends of which are decorated fringe resembling the bells.How to make tassels on the scarf of this kind?We talk about it further.

prepare materials are the same as in the previous embodiment, the fringe: yarn, cardboard, scissors.Cut the thread size is three to four times more than expected to carry the product.This piece of yarn lay along the board.In this wrap the workpiece thread.The more turns you make, the more volume will brush.Next long stretch yarn tie one knot.The layer of thread, cut, pull out the cardboard.Tighten the knot.You have turned a pompom.How to tie a scarf tassels on them to have the shape of a bell?Cut another piece of yarn and tie them to the brush, retreating from the edge of a few centimeters.Lace tighten tightly.The ends of the filament hide inside the product.Next, attach the pompom to it with a needle or hook.Pull the thread through which it bears on top of yarn fringe, enter it in a scarf and tie a knot.

You learned two ways of how to make tassels on the scarf.We hope that the information is useful to you, and very soon will appear in your wardrobe items decorated with handmade fringe.