Option walls in the hallway.

entrance hall - a room that is at greatest pollution.Typically, it finishes selected special materials with specific properties.They must have a high level of durability and easy to clean.Particular attention will need to pay the walls.For their cladding is necessary to choose a strong and durable coating.Modern manufacturers of building materials offer a variety of options for finishing the walls in the hallway.Consider the most common ones.

Wall panels MDF

This option is the most popular and in great demand among consumers.This is mainly due to its properties such as moisture resistance, practicality, durability.Cost quite acceptable in comparison with natural materials.Thus on its surface can plausibly imitate wood pattern or a stone.Option walls in the hallway MDF panels are often used in different styles: classic, high-tech, Provence, country.Colours may vary from light to dark colors, and may be either natural colors and bright artificial.Damage patterns varied: zigzags, waves, floral motifs,

abstract shapes and a lot of others.It should be noted ease of installation of wall panels.With this kind of work can be managed independently, with this process does not require special preparatory work such as plastering, shpatlevanija or priming.MDF is considered an environmentally friendly material, easy to clean from pollution and is resistant to mechanical damage.It can be used in small hallways and large, giving prestige to the space and organically.

Decorative plaster - micro-cement

relatively new decorative material - micro-cement, which has a characteristic texture and variety of colors.It consists of cement with polymer materials, giving a solution of elasticity, his palette changed due to special dyes.It is ideal in order to Stone walls in the hallway.Finishes such material allow to give the room natural and closer to nature.Apply it can be on any surface: wood, concrete, iron, and even ceramic.It is virtually impossible to deform or damage.If necessary, the wall may acquire as a smooth surface and rough, glossy or matte.This will depend on the specific application technology.Option walls in the entrance hall (photos can be seen in the article) with micro-cement fully reveal the full depth of the space, filling it with natural dyes.Such a surrounding atmosphere in the room evokes positive emotions in humans.Compared with other kinds of plaster, this material is easy enough to be applied to the surface of the wall, without requiring specific knowledge and skills.With the technology, you can create a drawing boards or masonry.Its indisputable advantage is the price, it is quite acceptable for families with average incomes.

Finish steklooboyami

option walls in the hallway steklooboyami quite relevant now and can meet various design preferences.Among other materials, this is the most economical.However, the low price is not an indicator of poor quality.These wallpapers are often coated with latex paint.Needless to cover a sufficiently strong and secure, so that even the claws of the animals can not damage it.At the same time it is absolutely safe for human health, tolerates numerous paint, wallpaper surface can be treated with solvent.It is this resistance can significantly increase the service life of the material.On the surface of the fiberglass can be applied to designs or drawings with the help of special stencils to decorate the walls in the hallway.Finishes this material is so varied that allow harmonious and gently as possible to enter the room in the interior, executed in various stylistic directions.

Decorative plaster for interior

This coating is of several types.Depending on the size of the grains making up the solution to change the texture of the surface.They're also responsible for the palette: color of the wall is attached through marble, quartz and other crumbs.According to the structure of the plaster can be divided into several types: lamb wave, a fur coat, the bark beetle.Apply it with the help of special tools, observing technology.This coating is able to cover small blemishes and uneven surfaces.It has qualities such as strength, moisture resistance, reliability, resistance to mechanical damage, easy to clean and is environmentally safe.Option walls in the hallway ornamental plastering astonishingly diverse design.Interiors are obtained natural, beautiful and complete.With such a material, you can create three-dimensional patterns, which will be the highlight of the space, giving it originality and sophistication.

Application of decorative stones in the hallway

Artificial stone is a worthy replacement for the natural prototype.Its cost is not high, but the appearance of the most plausible mimics natural.The weight of the material is small, thereby greatly expanding its scope.He is strong enough, and creates a solid surface that does not deform over time.Option walls in the hallway with decorative stone design allow you to apply a variety of effects.For example, you can select the lower part of the wall, or to focus on any particular subject.Due to the simplicity of installation and a flat shape, it can be used on all surfaces.However, there are some limitations.Designers It is not recommended to use this type of decoration in small spaces, because the stone can significantly narrow the space and give it a feeling of heaviness.

Flexible stone

option walls in the hallway flexible stone can be found in the portfolio of many of today's designers.Wide application, he has not yet found, as has appeared recently.Flexible stone belongs to the category of natural materials, for both the inner lining surfaces and external.He is strong enough, resistant to temperature, easy to tolerate high humidity.Due to sufficient flexibility, such stone is suitable for decoration of architectural structures such as arches, columns.Produce it as wallpaper or tiles of different sizes, which greatly simplifies installation.In a departure these surfaces do not need, as they have antistatic properties.Entrance hall, lined flexible stone to hit its magnificence and originality and can become a worthy decoration of any home.

Quartz wallpaper hallway

Quartz wallpaper - modern and contemporary form of decoration with a specific purpose.Thanks to its distinctive qualities of the material is quite common and popular, especially in the hallway, where it is constantly produced a lot of dirt and dust.This room is in need of frequent cleaning and quartz wallpaper can be washed, vacuumed and even rub the brush.They are based - Non-woven or paper layer.On it with the help of modern technology applied to quartz sand.His coat is quite thin, so there is no fear that he will place osypletsya or splits.This material has a sufficiently high level of fire resistance, longer shelf life and is considered environmentally friendly.Option walls in the hallway wallpaper allow to draw such space in different ways, by combining materials.For example, the original composition is obtained with a combination of brick with quartz wallpaper.The space turns elegant, but quite effective.A particular advantage of this material is the ease of changing appearance.This does not necessarily make repairs, you can just paint the walls a different color, use a latex paint.This will give the hall of freshness and novelty.

modern type of finish - decorative brick

option walls in the hallway with decorative brick often found in apartments and private homes.This design method can be used in various ways: the classic, high-Teke, the vanguard, modernist, Baroque, minimalism.In the manufacture of decorative bricks carried out a number of specific operations.Another manufacturing it is subjected to special treatment, then stained and aged.The shape, size and texture of the material varied, allowing you to create unique compositions.Very often it is used to finish the curbs, doorways and corners.

Metallized wallpaper

Modern option walls in the hallway provide all unwanted nuances that can render useless the main surface of the room.A good solution could be metallized wallpaper.Thanks to a special foil deposited on the substrate, they are quite durable and reliable, well-washed and have a high level of sound insulation.The appearance of the coating and the majestic road with the predominant shades of silver and gold.The disadvantages include the complexity of the installation.Paste them only on a perfectly flat surface is not treated with special primers compositions."Breathing" wall is necessary in order to wallpaper paste can fully absorb, since the metal layer will not allow it to evaporate.

modern market affects the range of available materials.This is not a problem to choose the most appropriate option for finishing the hall, which will fully meet all the requirements.