Geum: growing from seed.

Every housewife tries to decorate the villa with all sorts of flower beds to make it bright and elegant.When choosing colors, note the avens.Cultivation of seed indicating that the difficulties with the landing, usually does not occur.

Geum: business card of your flowerbeds

These colorful decorative balls (usually scarlet, orange and yellow) will delight the eye throughout the flowering period.Geum Quellyon, planting and care which are fairly simple, belong to the family Rosaceae.This explains their shape - decorative, terry balls.It perennials.They are known, unpretentious, and you can admire them more than one season.Is no exception in this group and avens.Growing from seed of this flower allows you to decorate your own site for several years, not applying to this effort.Geum loves the company of their own kind, especially the bells and carnations.

Where avens grow?

particularly aesthetically pleasing look flowers on the edges of flower beds or curb.It is desirable that a number had a few bu

shes of this plant, so they look more solid.Everywhere you can plant avens.Growing it is justified:

  • Moorish (in other words, flowering) lawns .They are a well-kept colorful meadow.Locate a lawn can be in front of the house or in the shade of trees.
  • In rabatkah .These beds have now become an integral part of landscape design.They can be placed along the paths and fences.Desirably, the ridges composed of several rows.Typically, they use alternating rows of bulbs, carpet, hardwood, decorative plants and perennials.
  • in mixborders .Arrange such beds on the principle of continuous flowering.Among the variety of multi-colored pet will take its place and avens.Growing from seed gives them the opportunity to decorate a bed without any problems.When you create mixborders difficulties usually with bulbous plants.Due to the fact that they need more space.

capricious nature's favorite garden

Yes, avens could easily become one of the most prominent color in your flower bed.But we should remember that this plant can be moody.Bush may not be transplanted to bloom, because he just does not like the new place.Therefore it is better not to grow it by dividing the bushes and seeds from.The only pity is that the life expectancy avens too small.This usually 3-4 years.


blossoms flowering plant in late July and pleases us with terry inflorescences at least three weeks.What a pleasure to admire the flowers in this period.They paint our sites with new colors - bright and saturated.

As already mentioned, avens - undemanding plant.He graciously refers to shady areas of the garden, but at the same time is not afraid of the sun.Therefore it can be grown almost anywhere.The only difference will be felt during the flowering period.If the plant is planted in the shade, then it will not bloom so richly and abundantly.However, in this there is a plus.The flowering period lasts longer.

Geum Quellyon: growing from seed

Experienced growers talk about two methods of reproduction of this plant - by dividing the bush, and seeds.Both of them are used quite often.However, the division assumes mechanical damage to the flower stem and roots.Many gardeners prefer a more gentle way, if they want to dissolve avens - growing from seed.

seeded land seeds in the southern areas is possible even in autumn (September).But most of the flowers are sown in the spring.For their cultivation used seedlings or seeds are sent immediately in the open ground.The substrate is desirable to process before planting a fungicide solution.So you prevent the possibility of destruction of seedlings by fungal diseases.When growing seedlings through such processing to be done necessarily.Top seeds sprinkled the ground and left for a while.Thus it is necessary to monitor the humidity and not to dry out the soil.If the temperature of the room, the seedlings will not keep you waiting.The first seedlings you will notice a couple of weeks.As soon as the 1-2 leaf, it's time to repot the plant to a permanent place.

If you want to avens please you with its bright buds this year, then plant it in March or early April.Express perennial will bloom in about 4 months after sowing.

Geum: planting and care

What to look for when growing a flower?

  • For this ornamental plant fits any garden soil.But best of all, he will feel in loamy, well-drained soils.Therefore it is possible to use sand which will significantly improve the drainage.Acidic soils avens dislikes.Correct the situation can be the introduction of dolomite, which make the soil suitable for growing this plant.
  • avens loves moisture, so on hot days it is recommended to water quite often.It is better to do it at the root.But at the same time, the flower does not like standing water.This, too, we must not forget.
  • planted flowers usually at a distance of 20 cm from each other.With the growth they grow.Just look unaesthetic already faded avens.Therefore, they should be removed as soon as the need arises.By the way, such cleaning not only improves the look of your flower beds, but it also increases the flowering period.
  • Geum - hardiness, it can perfectly endure the winter without shelter.But if you are worried for your pet flowering, you can hide it with dry leaves or spruce branches.
  • Be careful: the plant can strike root rot.Typically, this disease occurs due to heavy watering.Geum will be simply unable to absorb all the water.If this happens, you have to dig out the damaged flowers.

Here's a he, avens.For centuries, prized in Russia this plant.He was called the overcoming-grass and believed in the miraculous power of flowers.It was believed that they protect from diseases and misfortunes.