Houseplant Cyclamen: the leaves turn yellow - what to do?

Cyclamen - a very beautiful and popular houseplant.Its flowers are very original, so any room is a real gem.Cyclamen can be two subspecies: European and Persian.They differ only flowering period.The first of these blooms in winter, and this second time fades.


Cyclamen Cyclamen is a perennial plant that forms a corm.As they reach a diameter of 15 cm. The point of growth from one tuber.So if it hurt, he gets sick, and then die.At the height of the plant can grow up to 20 cm. But there are varieties that do not exceed 15 cm. The leaves can be round or heart-shaped.They have a unique pattern and a dark green color.Modern breeders try to bring varieties that are particularly bright.This exotic plant requires special care.There are some problems that can have Cyclamen: leaves turn yellow, wilt, stem rot and so on.By purchasing a plant, particular attention should be paid to the tuber.Best time of purchase cyclamen - the beginning of autumn.This is the period of active flowering.It should be a lot

of buds.

problems in growing

Those who already have a house plant, probably wondering, "Why cyclamen yellow?" This problem is one of the most difficult.However, it is important to understand that the cause of the wrong care.To avoid this, the plant needs a certain comfort.The most common disease that has Cyclamen - yellowing leaves, and flowers healthy and strong.The reason is simple - very dry and warm air.The temperature should be reduced to 17 0C.Also, it is possible that the plant is not enough water, or it is exposed to direct sunlight.Importantly, rotting stems and leaves may lead to the fact that cyclamen simply die.Particular attention should be paid to the ground.Perhaps he too wet or water enters only at the top of the tuber.Therefore, it is not necessary to water the sprout piece.Short flowering may be due to poor irrigation, or rather high temperatures.The plant should be periodically to feed.Particular attention should be paid to the flowering period.The deformation of the leaves - is another problem of the flower.The reason for this may be aphids and mites.Faced with this phenomenon, the plant must be immediately treated.

Caring for cyclamen correctly

There are some guidelines for those who have a cyclamen home."Yellow leaves - what to do?" - A question torments many owners of this beautiful plant.First we need to maintain a certain temperature.It should not exceed 13-15 0 C. However, it should not be below 10 0 C. Otherwise, the plant may die.Enough important is the lighting.The light should be bright and diffused.It is not necessary to put the flower under the direct rays of the sun.Better a little pritenit cyclamen.Yellow leaves are also due to improper watering.During the growing season will be an excellent method of immersion.The liquid must not stagnate in the pot.Water is better to defend, to avoid rot.Damaged leaves should be carefully cut off without damaging the germ area.Cyclamen requires care not only during flowering, but also after.Flowers should be cut to the tuber should be watered less frequently.With the onset of spring irrigation and have to stop at all, and the plant is put away in a cool place.In July, cyclamen need to put on the fresh air in the shade.The soil should be moderately moist, and when the leaves start to appear, the plant should be repotted.To do this, you need to completely change the soil, remove the rotten roots, choose a pot of optimum size.

control mites

So, there are certain problems faced by those who have homes cyclamen flowers: yellow leaves and soft stems, dried buds and more.One reason may be ticks.It is important to notice this phenomenon.After purchase insecticide spray, dilute it with water, put the plant in the water and spray it thoroughly.The substance must settle down, and then the flower can be put in place.The procedure is preferably carried out in the evening, when the parasites are particularly active.Thus, those who want to the house was always the beauty and comfort, cyclamen should buy.Yellow leaves, stalk rot, fade colors - these problems can be solved, but we must act immediately.