Linoleum for laminate: how to choose.

Flooring has always played an important role in the interior of the apartment.Its function is not only to complement the style of the room, but also ensuring comfort, as warm to walk on the floor much more pleasant than on a cold tile.That is why widespread in modern design projects got under the laminate linoleum.

Benefits coverage

linoleum classification can be based on three criteria:

  • Durability .Depending on the thickness of the upper layer - protective.What it is, the more strong and durable linoleum.There are consumer or commercial linoleum.
  • type base. Linoleum can be produced on the basis of a woven or non-woven.
  • number of layers. also affect the performance of the coating.Linoleum may have one layer or more.

thickness of the upper layer of the classic household linoleum is within 3 mm.This thickness is sufficient to ensure good quality of the coating.In the case of commercial linoleum this figure is doubled.Find coloring under the laminate is much simpler in the segment of househol

d materials.

Semi-commercial linoleum under the laminate is also often used for laying in residential areas and even in public premises.

Care linoleum

During operation care of linoleum is performed effortlessly, he is not afraid of water, so it can be easily cleaned with water.Laminate is also necessary to wash gently with a damp cloth, and it is desirable to use in this special cleansers.When excessive amounts of water laminate can swell, and then it will need to be replaced.

Linoleum under laminate perfectly resists the propagation of sound waves in a flat, it is able to absorb the noise coming from outside it, and to neutralize the noise generated directly in it.Thus, placing the coating on the floor, you can not worry that there may be problems with the neighbors below.

Disadvantages of linoleum

only drawback coating can be called the complexity of the repairs, in most cases, it can hold only replacing the entire canvas.While the repair laminate can be realized by replacing a few bars.

Despite this conduct coating of linoleum installation is much easier than to lay a parquet floor, besides decorative qualities are almost indistinguishable.Linoleum under laminate has a similar structure to the laminate itself - it has the longitudinal direction of the strip to ensure similarity of the tree.

If the production of the coating was broken technology or inaccuracies, the quality can be significantly reduced.Therefore, choosing linoleum, you must know exactly what to look for:

  • need to ask for a sample cover and fold it in half - if the sample will creases or cracks, the purchase of such linoleum is not necessary;
  • quality fabric has no odor;
  • under mechanical impact on the protective decorative layer should be scratched, or at the locations of the furniture linoleum quickly lose their performance and decent look.

Features selection

can choose color coating is greatly influenced by the functionality of the room and its stylization.Choose fabric can be for any type of room.Linoleum is appropriate and in the kitchen, and in the nursery.The main rule is the choice of structure and color.

Linoleum light under the laminate will look good in the living room, made in a classic style or in the nursery.Hallway would be a good choice imitation cherry wood.This gives the room a shade of nobility.

Colour "bleached oak" would be the most appropriate in the rooms and a small area with a lack of light.Light will expand the floor space and give it a sense of lightness.

Kitchen is best to choose a model with increased durability, since it will have to be washed frequently, and he will be regularly subjected to various influences, including the heavy weight of furniture and kitchen appliances.

Each collection linoleum represented a wide variety of colors and shades of it.This gives the opportunity to buy fabric, it fits perfectly into the interior of the equipped rooms.

Preparing for installation

Lay linoleum under the laminate can be on any floor, the main thing - that it was no debris that can damage the finish and there was no irregularities.With a large discrepancy between the plane of the floor it is recommended to perform the alignment.The method of operation one chooses the right directly to his apartment.

himself linoleum also need to pre-prepare - before mounting it on a day left in the room that the web is eroded and "accustomed" to the temperature and humidity conditions of the room.

After preparing the roll floor rolled and left for a while, so the canvas will take the correct form and smooth.

Material cost

The value of linoleum is greatly influenced by its durability.Thus, domestic coating has a lower price than the commercial.This is due to the thickness of the upper layer, which provides resistance to damage and durability of the fabric.

Each manufacturer has in its collections of linoleum under the laminate.Its price varies in different outlets.

Manufacturer and model linoleum with imitation laminate Cost, rub. / M2
"Tarkett Dublin" 440
"Grand Tiberina" 575
"Sinteros Samba" 300

Many manufacturers offer discounts on bulk purchases of linoleum or delivered free of charge to any region of coverage.This can further save money, which quickly consumed during repairs.

Good linoleum under the laminate will be a wonderful addition to any interior.It is only important to choose the right direction and stripes coloring.Quality flooring will provide maximum comfort in the apartment.