Cam boards, "Knauf": reviews and specifications

gradual replacement of the construction market of traditional materials with modern counterparts do not always contribute to customer satisfaction.Improving the quality of one, victims of other manufacturers.But there are many positive examples where all the technology parameters achieve unsurpassed material properties.Proof of this are the cam boards "Knauf", incorporated the full list of technical and physical qualities necessary to perform specific tasks.

production technology and characteristics

product produced from gypsum materials in the form of solid plates.Finished construction product has pazogrebnevyh joint, which is provided by bonding with other fragments of the overall design.

technological process of production of plates comprises several stages, resulting in forming a monolithic gypsum.The solution was filled in a special form, which is a mixture of water and gypsum.Next, the liquid evaporates and the resulting mass passes the final drying procedure.Thus is created from a semi-f

ull building material.In this formulation of the initial mixture and other parameters of manufacturing allows producing gypsum boards pazogrebnevye "Knauf" in different versions.

Technical and performance

Despite the differences within the family gipsoplit brand Knauf, virtually all of the variations of the product have similar performance characteristics.In structural respect notes almost perfect surface and strictly calculated pazogrebnevye elements.It remains and the possibility to fine-tune the material.As is known, raw gypsum is amenable to machining - Knauf block structure is also easily adjusted, enabling to construct various structures without the need for special mounting.

also gipsoplit partitions have a thickness of 8 cm, which is a third less than in comparison with analogues.Different cam boards "Knauf" and biological properties.In particular, they are spared from destruction by a fungus, insects and mildew.Under the influence of temperature and humidity fluctuations are observed deformation and various forms of decay.

The advantages of technological material for the walls are other qualities:

  • Environmentally friendly - usually Innovative Materials losing traditional precisely because of synthetic origin.But in this case the plaster base makes the product completely safe because of the lack of toxicity.
  • Refractoriness - boards do not support the combustion process, which affects the fire safety facilities.
  • Sound insulation - sound absorption dual structure reaches 48 dB.
  • low weight - basic facilities in transportation and installation is particularly noticeable when compared with the components for the construction of concrete walls.

model range

company "Knauf" gypsum offers in two basic designs.The first type is the standard, and the second is endowed with improved quality of protection from moisture.Conventional plates are designed for installation in rooms with average humidity figures.In turn, cam boards, "Knauf", moisture-repellent properties which are caused by additives, can be used even in the bathroom.Reliable protection against moisture prevents the material from the deformation of the structure.To distinguish the two species may be on a special label and colors: the standard are gray and modified plate - green.

Differences in gypsum extended to form gypsum partition part.Here, too, there is a classification into two types: a trapezoidal cross-section and a rectangular shape.


to meet the requirements of modern materials has expanded the field of construction, which can be used cam boards "Knauf".Construction characteristics are as follows:

  • density - not less than 1 250 kg / m3.
  • gypsum Weight - 22 kg.
  • humidity - less than 12%.
  • Thermal conductivity - 0.29 W / m.
  • maximum compressive strength - 5 MPa.
  • Bending strength - 2.5 MPa.
  • Water absorption - a maximum of 5%.

Fire resistance, high insulation and environmentally friendly materials also provide opportunities for a wide use of such structures in residential buildings.Even today, the demand for affordable funds for reconstruction of real estate on the secondary market - gypsum occupy the first position as a basis for partition.

Designers also appreciate cam boards "Knauf" for their decorative qualities.One of the main tools of interior stylists a zoning area.The optimal solution is often split by a pleasant appearance and durable gypsum material.

Features mounting

Equipment installation is simple and requires a minimum of "dirty" operations.The main task of the master - to provide reliable and accurate fixation of the blocks with an adhesive.In choosing the latter is guided by the same mixture of gypsum-based - such a combination will increase the adhesive effect.Later cam boards "Knauf" require only a decorative finish, and in rare cases.The surface of the plate itself is aesthetically attractive, so it can be left in its original state.Maximum - liner for the interior, you can apply a layer of putty or other finish.Using plaster too, because all the protective qualities and smooth surface is already characterized by a ready partition.

The use and feedback

In the eyes of the consumer described material exhibits positive qualities from different sides.For example, cam boards, "Knauf", the price of which on average ranges from 500 to 900 rubles. / M2, effectively cope with the tasks of device mezhkvartirnyh partitions and masking surfaces.

double stove capable of providing noise and leaks, and mechanically resistant structures, as evidenced by the responses of many supporters of the brand "Knauf".According to professional installers, gypsum well thought sizes.This format allows the rigor with a jeweler's precision implement structural ideas in the form of multi-tier walls, which are laid communication networks.