Electric Towel - types and characteristics of the connection

bathroom - this is the place where there should always be warm.Only in this way we feel immediately comfortable.But the radiator in the bathroom - a rarity.Come to the rescue towel.They are water (connected to the heating system) and electrical.Which of these devices is better - an interesting question, but it is easier to install electric towel warmers.It is enough to strengthen them on the wall in any convenient place for you - and you can start operation.Further heating function, these devices are used also for drying the laundry, and reduce the humidity in the room in general.

Another plus: electric towel warmers can be operated independently of the heating season.If your summer was cold, and there was a need to dry things, just plug the device.There are models that are included only in the power cord, there are species with button "on / off", and there are instances of a remote control.

Electric Towel: types

In appearance, they can be very different shapes and configurations.This may be th

e usual ladder coil or may be perforated plates (with holes), more rounded curves, interconnected.Quite often determine that before you, electric towel warmers, only by the presence of the cord, but if the wiring is hidden, then this character is lost.

Terms connecting electrical appliances in the bathroom

connecting electric towel warmers, it is important to remember safety rules.If you do not believe in their own abilities, better call an electrician, but if the experience of such work is, just do not forget that the high humidity in the bathroom - a very common phenomenon.Therefore it is better not to make a socket in the bathroom and through a hole in the wall to bring out the cord from the device, where it and connect.

If you do decide to install an electrical outlet in the bathroom, choose a waterproof model.By the choice of location of the outlet also has requirements: the wall on which it is installed, should not be cold (on it should not accumulate condensate).That is, the wall facing the elevator shaft, to the porch or out, do not approach.Also recommended for electrical connection in wet areas to use residual current devices (RCD) with malfunctions triggered it for a split second, which prevents property damage and accidents.

How to choose

The main criterion - the space and the interior of your bathroom.Can play a role, and additional features: the presence of disabling buttons, hooks and shelves.Some models even have a remote control - that could be a modern electric towel rail.The price in this case is quite high, but choose, of course, you.There are models of stainless steel, have differently colored powder coating (durable coating) is a made from non-ferrous metals.If you choose, you can rely on well-established brands.For example, the popularity of electric towel rail Energy, Arbonia, Varmos, Kermi and others. So, in conclusion, it should be said that the energy these devices consume little: about 100 watts per hour.