Distillation columns: the scope and the device

Distillation columns are a new type of modern distiller, which ensures the separation of fractions of steam nozzles prismatic filling column.With these rectifiers may be carried out as the preparation of aromatic distillate, or 96% alcohol, is suitable for the preparation of various drinks and infusions.

Distillation columns - a self-contained devices that require only a summing up of running water.Infinitely adjustable temperature heating boiler can be carried out using the light switch.

Homemade distillation columns can be used with any tanks: it could be a three-liter jar and skorovarka.Dlya successful interaction couple, who moves up the column and reflux, which flows down, it is possible to carry out the application of any of the contact elements, which increase the areaand the effect of this interaction.As these elements are used in many cases physical plates whose purpose is to ensure a rapid attainment of equilibrium between the liquid and vapor phases.Workflow plates passes thus: occurs bu

bbling steam through the box on the plate reflux, resulting in the intensification of the mass transfer between the phases.But the passage of couple does not provide a complete result of a phase equilibrium, the actual state of which depends on the efficiency of the plates.

design of the distillation column is fairly simple.To create it must have the following component parts:

  • pipe diameter should be 0.3-0.4 cm, length of 120 - 150 cm, thickness: not less than 1 mm;
  • distillation columns should have fillers that can be made of stainless steel cleansers.For example, if pipes having a length of 130 cm, diameter - 0.35, and will require a certain amount of pads - about 15 - 18 pieces;
  • more necessary reflux cooler, whose body must have a length of 20 - 30 cm, depending on the pipe diameter.The housing can be used as a pipe or tank, which are suitable size.For example, you can use cylinders from construction foam or hair lacquers.This cylinder bottom and top of the pipe to be soldered, and in the housing top and bottom two drilled holes for drainage and water supply.They inserted a tube and propaivayut them.The result is a dephlegmator;
  • tube placed inside the profile sleeve which should be placed slightly below the reflux condenser and placed it firmly, and it is further secured by soldering point;
  • for selection of distillate is necessary to drill a hole in the pipe at the location of the profile sleeve.There is a hole to insert a thin tube, after which it is soldered, and it is put on the silicone hose on which the clip droppers designed to control the amount of reflux;
  • this column distillation requires cooling of the distillate.To accomplish this, you must use the refrigerator.For its production we can take the copper tube, which should be wrapped tube rectifier.Also it can be made from a tube with thicker inner diameter than in the column.In this case it is necessary to carry out the spike top and bottom with the walls and the rest of the insulation to wear.But it is also possible to apply a laboratory glass refrigerator.