Solvent P-4 specifications, and Application

Modern building materials market is filled with paint products, which are needed to dilute the special solvents and thinners.In composition, they are organic and inorganic, and the rate of evaporation - fast, versatile and slow.Each type is designed to perform different functions.Among them stands out for its versatility solvent grade P-4.It is an indispensable material in the performance of painting works, as it helps improve the solubility of the paint products.

Appointment and composition of the material intended

solvent P-4 for the dilution of paint products, made on the basis of copolymers of vinyl chloride, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride and epoxy resins.It relates to the compound solution, since it includes more than two components.Solvent composed of such volatile organic compounds such as butyl acetate - 12% acetone - 26% toluene - 62%.

In the manufacture of the means of modern technologies and equipment, which ensures a high quality.The solvent R-4 due to their properties significantl

y speeds up the mixing process.Its use allows for a short time to get a uniform paint is ready to use.

Specifications solvent

by external signs the solvent R-4 - it is a clear, colorless or yellowish color and characteristic odor liquid.In it the mass fraction of the water is 0.7%;an acid number of not more than 0,07mg KOH / g;flashpoint - 7 ° C;number of coagulation - 24%;ignition temperature - 550 ° C.

universal solvent R-4 specifications which allow to use it to work with many varnishes and enamels, most in demand among consumers.The combination of members of the three components of effective influence to bring the density of paints and varnishes to working viscosity.


for dilution of varnishes and paints used in decoration as well as for the preparation of surfaces used solvent R-4.Paints are applied to the surface evenly so should not contain clumps which dries to delaminate.In order to bring them to the required consistency, the solvent is added to the enamel primer, putty small portions while stirring thoroughly.Cleaning the surface of the grease and old dirt perform cloth dipped in a solution.It evaporates, the film formed is solidified and becomes a protective coating for the surface to be treated.

adding a solvent in paints P-4, whose price per 1 liter of 90 rubles, you reduce consumption and increase their ability to handle a greater surface area.Standards mix recommended by the manufacturer, on the packaging solution.The solvent R-4 whose specifications are quite high, suitable for cultivation of enamels XB-124 gray and khaki.Also, the material can be used for diluting such mixtures:

  • compositions OS 51 03 12 03;
  • enamel "Evinal 28";"Vinikolor";EP 140, 439;"Vinikor 62";XB 518, 125, 714, 1120;"Evikor";
  • primer XC 04, 062, 059, 077;"Vinikor 061";EP 0263, 0103, 0508, 0259;
  • varnishes brands CS 76 KhSL, XC 724, HV 784;
  • fillings EP 0020, HV 005.


solvent R-4 - it is a liquid, has a strong irritating effect on the skin, mucous membranes, eyes and respiratory system.It is toxic, flammable and even explosive.The solvent R-4 has a high volatility and falls into the 3 d class of hazard.Working with him, you should follow some precautions.

work with the use of this material should be in rooms with ventilation and away from open flames, at a temperature of 5 ... + 30 ° C and a relative humidity of 85%.When using a solvent non-smoking.This material is explosive on contact with oxidizing agents such as acetic acid and nitric acid, hydrogen peroxide and chloroform and bromoform.

This material is toxic.In the evaporation of it very quickly pollute the air, which can cause serious harm to human health.Respiratory protection is necessary to use a respirator.In case of contact with your hands or other places of the solvent should be washed off with water.


solvent R-4 - it is inflammable and toxic, so it should be kept in securely closed container, away from heating appliances, foodstuffs, electrical appliances out of reach of children and avoid contact with the sunrays.It comes in a trading network in containers made of materials resistant to its components.The room, which houses the solvent should not be a fire hazard.Shelf life from date of manufacture is 12 months.