How to make a basket of paper?

Sooner or later, the lessons of working students begin tinkering crafts.After such classes often follows a corresponding homework: to collect ikebana, do applique from a herbarium, a blind funny animals from plasticine and chestnuts, make a house out of hundreds of matches, and so on.

While the default is clear that the job is greater for mothers than for the child.Sometimes parents are caught unawares: Leaf is somehow not nasushit, acorns and is not stocked nutshell ... Interesting and unbanal way out - a basket of flowers out of paper.And the materials are always at hand, and do not for too long.So, let's needlework.

How to make a basket of paper?

Here's a list of what you need.This, of course, paper: colored or wrapping, newspapers or magazines.He has a right to exist, even a basket of corrugated paper.In general, any that is near at hand and you do not mind.And as the glue, tape, scissors and cardboard.

first stage

So, how to make a basket of paper?In the first step about 50 to cut strips 3

0 cm long and 4 cm wide. Then each strip folded in half the width, the length must remain unchanged.Count 16 strips.

second stage In the second stage proceed to weaving.Put 8 out of 16 selected horizontal strip and 8 vertical.Then, slowly, gently begin to weave the bottom as shown in the figure.When it is ready, boldly but gently takes over the wall.Take a strip and to weave it into the side of the basket.So gradually propletite all four sides.

third stage

In the third stage, the last strip of woven, and bend the ends of the strips projecting Con inside baskets.Voila - get a lovely square basket!Another option


Now tell how to make a basket of paper round shape.Cut out cardboard circle - this is the bottom.Again, let us make strips of half a centimeter wide.Using superglue stick to the bottom of the strips 12, having their sun.Then, take one strip of the remaining free and interweave them among those glued.Do this for as long as there will be glued edge strips about 2.5 cm in length.Then fold the projecting parts into strips and glue well.Round basket ready!

Conclusion Now that you know how to make a basket of paper, left to think of something to fill it.It is already possible to draw a child: that he would like to put in the basket?Maybe flowers and maybe a candy?Let's fancy.You can make a sweet bouquet of colorful candies in shiny wrappers, cementing them together using wire.You can cut the flowers from paper and paint them, and then put in the basket.Or take a ready-made artificial flowers and build something like ikebana, adding spikes and leaves.And you can just put in the basket of favorite toys.The choice is yours.Unleash your imagination, create - and always will be satisfied with the result!