Power saw disc: how to choose?

disk Power saw in everyday life of modern man thing extremely necessary and useful.But how to choose it, because manufacturers offer dozens of different models.How not to be mistaken with a choice and do not overpay for unnecessary functionality?The answer to this question, you will learn further in this article.

Arsenal cutting tools is diverse, but electric saw disk has several major advantages over all other similar devices - accuracy, quality and purity of the cut.For example, if we compare it with the chain saw, it is easier, more environmentally friendly (no exhaust gas) and generates vibration during operation.

Power saw disk has a mass of indisputable advantages.But we will focus attention on how important characteristics must have tool for any purpose intended and the conditions in which it can operate.

Do not stare at the beautiful packaging and labels.Even a well-publicized companies can disappoint you produced quality tools.Therefore it is better to trust the opinion of people who have

already bought a unit, or to consult with the professionals in this field.

Before asking questions, first determine to perform any work purchased disk electric saw, how often you plan to use it.And only then consult.So you and a specialist will be easier to choose the model of the device, is already based on specific requirements.

example, there saws designed for domestic use only, and there are devices that can be used even in the course of professional work.Why do it?This parameter depends on the power, duration and frequency of use, the diameter of the disc.The larger the diameter of the disk, the more power is needed for cutting.The rotational speed is in the range 1800-6000 revolutions per minute.

Conditional capacity disk power saws can be divided into three categories:

- small (maximum 800 W);

- average (800-1200 watts);

- high (1200 W and higher).

cutting depth.This parameter is determined by the external diameter of the disc.On the domestic models, cutting depth of 50-70 mm.Such devices are light and maneuverable.There is also a portable circular power saw with a shallower depth of cut, but this is for copies of masters.

Professional disc saws provide cutting depth of 100 mm or more.Therefore, they can reach a weight of more than 10 kg.There will not be another opportunity permanent installation tool.

Circular electric saw wood suitable for the process of cutting all types of wood: oak, linden, spruce, larch, alder, ash and so forth.

Low vibration and noise instrument provides comfort and convenience at work.Tool life is increased by the lightweight ball bearing.Attaching the riving knife disc prevents jamming during operation of the tool.Standard equipment includes the following elements:

- saw blade;

- tube (vacuum cleaner);

- rip fence;

- Allen key.

successful acquisitions!