How to make a horizontal bar in a doorway

care about your health and perform a series of exercises to maintain muscle tone would like everyone.But what if a very busy work schedule and time to visit the fitness club did not do?You will be homemade horizontal bar.In the doorway to establish such a construction is not difficult.

you can use it to inflate the muscles in the arms, back, press and stretch the spine.If a family has children, then the horizontal bar in the doorway becomes necessary structure for mounting a swing or gymnastic rings.We offer you several options for producing such a universal exercise equipment.

Of course, you can always go to your local sporting goods store and buy a ready-made model.The modern market of specialized equipment for sports offers a wide range.But much more interesting to independently produce and install the horizontal bar in the doorway.

In order to assemble the model in the first embodiment, the thick stalks need to shovel and the board thickness of about three centimeters.The solution is very simp

le.This model can withstand the weight of a hundred kilograms and is made within a couple of hours.For starters we are measuring the width of the doorway at the desired height and put a mark on the jamb.Saw off the stick of cutting the desired length.We cover the paint and give it to dry.

now harvests mount the crossbar.To do this, the board Scrollsaw two rectangles.Their short side is equal to the width of the door frame, and the long side is three times the diameter of the crossbar.Billets are arranged vertically, visually divide into three parts and make a mark with a pencil.

The center set up perpendicular to the cutting and frames.Focusing on the diameter of the circle, we draw two vertical lines.We get a rectangular blank, inside of which is painted elongated piece with a rounded lower end.With its neat jigsaw Scrollsaw and we clean the edges with sandpaper, increasing the gap to 2 mm on each side.Ready blank varnished and dry.

Now you only have to install the horizontal bar in the doorway.Focusing on the marks made on the joint, putting a blank so that it looked like an inverted "U" and fasten the long screws in four places.Just fasten the second blank on the opposite side jamb.By placing the bar on the fixings, carefully insert it in the slots made.

good and reliable beam in the doorway is obtained from a metal pipe with a diameter of about 4 centimeters.For its production required length of pipe, which is six centimeters longer than the width of the doorway.On each side of the workpiece we do our four cutting depth of three centimeters and have four small petals.With grinders remove two of them.

Get the pipe on each side of which there are two lugs located opposite each other.Bends them outwards, forming an angle of 90 degrees.Using drill drills in each ear of one or two holes.Completely clean the workpiece from the old paint to a metallic luster.If you are using metal instead of steel pipe, after stripping it is necessary to paint in the desired color.Gently impose the horizontal bar on the door and fasten with long screws.After that, we use with pleasure.

have horizontal bars and the beam located in the doorway, there is only one drawback.This model is perfect for sports for children.Adult need to bend his legs to do the exercises, including pull-up body.And the standard width of the door opening is too small.If you have large dimensions or tall, then think over the crossbar manufacturer followed her mount in the hallway.