How to build a summer shower with his own hands

year without a soul in the country in any way.And while you do not have it, you probably feel some discomfort.No wonder, because after work at the site where the sweat dripping into three streams, so want to wash off all the dirt and feel the relief.Well, if far from the house there is a pond or lake.Otherwise, you can build a summer shower with his hands.Moreover, it is difficult in this is nothing.

Outside shower to give their own hands: to start

first step is to choose a place where it will be installed.There will have to make a start on how you are going to heat the water.When using the heater, the outside shower can be placed in any convenient place for you.But most gardeners prefer a simpler option: hot water sunlight.Therefore, made a summer shower with their hands should be placed in an open area, which throughout the day will not be obscured by trees.Try to choose a place somewhere on the edge of your site, so it will be much more convenient.So if you have decided to place, move on.

How to build a summer shower the country with their own hands

ways of development of the plot, there are two.One simple, but costly, other - more complex, but to translate it into reality you need a minimum amount of money.In the first case we are talking about the shower ready for a summer shower, which would have to buy.The choice of these showers is huge, as, indeed, and prices for them.Which one to choose - you decide for yourself already.Then you will only have to install a shower, as well as to consolidate above the tank, where the water will be supplied.

If you're still going to build a summer shower with his hands, then be patient.You can start.

First, let's define the size of the shower stall.Remember that your old shower should be similar to the rustic toilet, which barely manage to turn.The size is determined, based on the fact that while taking a shower could easily raise your hands up, push them to the side.IeSpace should be sufficient.Definitely convenient to design the size of 190h140 cm, 60 cm of which will be used for the construction of a miniature dressing room (of course, if you need it).

Based on the planned size, mark a rectangle on the ground.Next you need to do foundation.Remember that on top of your summer shower is a tank, so its very structure should be strong enough.To do this it is best to dig into the ground concrete pillars, they are the most reliable.It is possible and wood, but then you should think about how to protect them from premature rotting.Now make the platform of the pillars on which will settle our metal tank for water heating.It is best to place the pot a little bit away from the shower, so it will be more secure.

Now proceed to trim our shower room.What to use?You decide.It may be conventional sheets of slate, boards, metal sheets and even corrugated board, which, incidentally, will last the longest, and does not suffer from moisture.The selected material is nailed directly to the poles, but also can be pre-cross beams, and have them fix the walls of our summer shower.

in the shower make a wooden floor with holes through which water will flow.Sex in the locker room do somewhat higher, so while washing it is not covered with water.The wooden floor is short-lived, so if you wish, instead, you can set the washing tray with drainer.

But here, you just set the door.It seems that with this you will not have problems.It can be made from the same materials as the walls of the shower and then hang it.You can simply confine curtain of dense tissue.

That's all, outside shower with his hands ready.By the way, pay attention to the drain hole.The water in it must not stagnate, so do it should be tilted and runoff organize a place that will not harm your buildings and do not turn into a puddle of your track.