Homemade cement mixer - loyal assistant in the construction

You have to do construction work, for which you need a large amount of concrete.Wondering how to ease the problem and expedite the process of preparing a solution of the desired consistency, turn your attention to such a structure as a homemade concrete mixer.For its manufacturing suitable materials at hand that certainly there in the garden area or in the garage.Consider a few simple options, which can be collected homemade concrete mixer.

model small can be collected even from an old washing machine "Baby".You only need to replace the inner nozzle at a long sleeve with metal blades.You will also need a mechanism for turning the machine to release from the solution.

To do this, fit a small swing, collected from two metal triangles connected by several beams for stability and sufficient seat width.Homemade concrete mixer attached with towing car seat to the seat of the swing.Ready to pour the solution into the prepared container is sufficient to tilt the seat in the desired direction.

If you need a large amount of the solution, you should consider how to make a homemade concrete mixer from the barrel.In the first study design manual.Its creation required metal box, drum capacity 100 - 200 liters, mixing blades and a long tube.

Put the barrel on its side and cut it in the cover.Its width should be slightly wider than the shovel, and a length of 2/3 of the length of the barrel.Fasten the cover with the hinges, latches do more and be sure to put on a sealing gum, which will prevent the outflow of water.

on the lid and the bottom of the barrel mark and make the hole center.Skewer our capacity for solution to the tube.By welding blades fastened to it for mixing.Speakers of the pipe Bends in the form of handles, the ends of which are put on a special pad on the old bicycle wheel.The connection between the shaft and the barrel, covered with rubber or silicone tips.

barrels are welded to the sides a few door handles.With their help, you can easily turn the container with a ready solution and pour it into the prepared container.Now fasten the barrel on the box in the top spots where holes are provided tube (shaft).Our homemade concrete mixer ready.Working with a partner, you can cook it in 2 - 3 cubic meter of solution per day.

To simplify the process for the preparation of the solution itself, using electric concrete mixer.Homemade construction is going through a metal barrel.A small an analog can be made from milk jar.

With hand mixer from a metal barrel, you can improve its design, adding a small but powerful engine.For this purpose, the handle is attached a toothed wheel.The engine equipped with a suitable size gear is attached to a special shelf side.Working shaft concrete mixer is driven by a belt connecting the motor and gear in the barrel.The only condition for the smooth operation of this design is the availability of electricity.If it is not feasible, instead elektrodvizhka use the gasoline engine or the walk-behind tractor.

interesting design is derived from milk jar.We perform in the bottom of a small hole into which the shaft.The electric motor is mounted on the bottom with a few bolts.Inside the jar insert the blade and fix them to the shaft by welding.Cover Our concrete mixer already.

Therefore, it remains only to make for her foundation.To do this, we make two triangles of metal corner.We connect them with several cross bars forming a bottom.Focusing on the shoulders of the jar, make two holes.Skewer it on the pipe, which fix the high points of metal goats.Having prepared portion of the solution is sufficient to turn the jar to fill them prepared in advance capacity.