What is the lean concrete

Each type of construction involves the use of certain technologies and materials.It does not always have the need to use conventional concrete for the arrangement of different designs.It may be replaced by another type of mortar, easier to process and manufacture.And this meets the conditions specified lean concrete.And it is widely used because of its properties.

Skinny concrete - a type of mortar, in which the percentage of binder is much smaller than the filler content.He is not very strong.But its main advantage is the low price and ease of installation.It belongs to a class of heavy materials B5, V7.5, Q10, V12.5, B15.The most widespread use it has received in the private house-building, t. To. His strength characteristics is sufficient for the field.Also, this kind of mortar called compacted.This is due to the fact that it is often used in road construction, t. To. He is easy to rolling out Rollers.

Consistency in terms of the components used for the lean concrete is: 1 share of cement, 3 - a

nd 6 sand - filler.Thus for mixing one cubic meter of solution required 160 kg of cement, 2200 kg of sand and filler, and water in a volume of 75 liters.Sometimes in order to save cement are added to a solution of special plasticizers.It is very important to consider that the content of a variety of dust and clay particles in the entire solution does not exceed 10%.Otherwise, the quality of the finished product will be low.Depending on the size of the filler, which is part of lean concrete, it is separated into fine and coarse.The first composition comprises pellets of 5 mm, and the second - 40 mm.After mixing the solution for consistency should be similar to the wet ground.

Skinny concrete structure which contains a small proportion of binders, is widely used in the private economy.From this form the basis for the foundation or fill screed on the terrace and in the house.Often it is used for floor leveling.From it you can build a wall, foundation bands, crowns overlapping, as well as themselves floors, staircases and monolithic lintel.But this is possible only in the low-rise construction, t. To. At a significant load strength characteristics possessed lean concrete may be insufficient, which could lead to disastrous consequences.The most widespread use of the material found in road construction.Because it creates the foundation for asphalt concrete pavement.

Placing lean concrete should be carried out immediately after the preparation and delivery of the object.If the ambient temperature exceeds 25 degrees, then the solution is typically added hardening retarders, reducing the strength development.Their dose can be up to 1% by weight of the cement used in the solution.They allow you to increase the transportation and stacking up to an hour and a half.The minimum temperature for the performance of work should not be below 5 degrees.