Choosing insulation for doors

The main function of the front door - a protection against unauthorized access.However, it should provide a decent standard of insulation from the cold and street noise.This can be achieved only if you get a high-quality insulation for the door.Please note that modern materials of this kind provide a quite adequate level of thermal insulation, so that in case of a wrong choice you will face two problems at once.

Thus, choosing insulation for the door, you have to be very careful.Today, there are many ways to shelter from the cold insulation.Often used to install a second doorway.The result is a vestibule, which is an excellent air bag securely protects the interior from ingress of cold air.

But today we will discuss directly with insulation of the door leaf.Until recently, it was used for a standard list of common and cheap materials, which went to the door trim.It:

  • felt;
  • synthetic leather;
  • some types of tissue.

It should be noted that the insulation for doors today are not used.This is co

nnected not only with their appearance, but also the inability to protect the quality premises in the extreme cold.Furthermore, they are only suitable for wooden doors.

Virtually all modern doors are available with a layer of insulation inside.As such, they can be used the following materials:

  • corrugated cardboard;
  • mineral wool;
  • polystyrene;
  • simple foam.

If you have purchased a simple wooden door, the only way it is warming we have already mentioned padding.As the outer layer of skin is better to use a substitute or a thick cloth, which is placed under a wool or foam.

strongly do not recommend to buy for this purpose various types of mineral wool.These heaters have a door for some good performance characteristics, but with time quickly slipping into a ball and almost completely lose their insulating properties.

more recently for this purpose are widely used natural wool.It has good performance characteristics, but it is an excellent substrate for the propagation of various kinds of pests.Not to mention the fact that the natural material is an excellent substrate for mold and mildew, which is not the best way affect the health of those who live in the house.

Foam much better protection from the cold, but very short-lived.Within three to five years it will turn into dust, and you will have to re-insulate the door.Where reliable izolon.It is a modern and durable material, which is a long time to protect your home from the cold.Such insulation door, the price does not exceed 10-20 rubles.per square meter will be a great choice, even with a limited budget.Very well, if you have the opportunity to buy izolon coated with a layer of foil.Thermal insulation performance of this kind of material is even higher.

If you choose the heater for metal doors, the special is no alternative.Basic material - mineral wool and its varieties.