Welded mesh with PVC coating - the product is popular

Today, probably, it is difficult to name the areas of construction, which would not have applied different kinds of nets.But few know that their species is very much from welded and cloth or filtered to weld reinforced, copper and even a nickel.And this is not the entire list.This article will be discussed in detail on the type of products to a further special PVC coating that nomenclature called welded mesh with PVC pokrytiem.Izgotavlivaetsya active material in the form of a lattice of embossed or smooth wire with a diameter of 0,6-5 mm.In the production of fittings can also be used with a diameter of 6 to 12 mm, superimposition is carried out perpendicularly and carefully sealed.Welded mesh with PVC coating can be made in the maps, then the size of the cells obtained from 5 to 200 mm.This type metallometiznoy products are widely used.It has been applied in the implementation of fixing masonry, building walls, reinforcement of pavement and concrete road konstruktsiy.Setka welded PVC-coated - this is a

common welded wire mesh, with the only difference being that in making it sinks into the molten PVC.When there is a need to purchase this product, you should be especially careful to look at the wire diameter.According to statistics, consumers pay little attention to what is guaranteed by the manufacturer frequently specifies the diameter of the coating subject, resulting in the future may be different kinds of misunderstandings.

layer of polyvinyl chloride, according to the technology, may have a thickness of 0.1-0.3 mm.When we are dealing with popular grid with parameters 50h50h2,2, if the coating thickness is taken into account, the diameter of the wire may be only 1.9 mm, which can significantly affect the strength of the assembly.

welded wire mesh PVC-coated, according to the statistics, the majority of manufacturers is made with a diameter of 0.2-0.4 mm.Some documentation indicates a double diameter - core and outer.In this case, the incorrect interpretation of the true thickness of the wire may have a more dramatic effect.Usually this is hardware products PVC green tsveta.Polezno know that the majority of domestic and foreign manufacturers are packing specified products PVC-coated in polyethylene, and, for example, the Chinese - in a dense bumagu.Setka welded with PVC coating is supplied in rolls, as a result ofwhich it is convenient to transport.Anticorrosion property resin layer are provided which, inter alia, gives (compared to conventional models) more aesthetic appearance.Therefore, the product is often used in cottage construction.

galvanized mesh with PVC coating exists in two forms: the sectional and roll.

to all the above, you can add the fact that the material is not exposed to the harmful effects of the environment and eventually rusts.