Cultivators hand and their use

Today more and more automated devices invented in the field of gardening, farming, and other areas of the economy.Gardening Equipment (cultivators, sowers, for example) becomes automatic, and even remotely controlled.But it's worth noting that the cultivators hand remains popular today.Let's take a closer look at this tool.

Cultivators manual: description

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy automated machines for working in the garden, field, garden, etc., and in many cases they are not needed, since the treated area is notso great.

Cultivators hand - a tool of gardeners, which can be used to process the soil or removal of weeds.This tool is very suitable for the majority of the work associated with the cultivation and the cultivation of a variety of plants in a small area.Hand garden cultivators are inexpensive tools.Most specialty stores offer these tools, especially they are very popular in the spring.Springtime - the most convenient time for the purchase of hand cultivators, since

most of their suppliers sell tools at a lower price.

This instrument consists of teeth, often three or four, which are attached to a solid handle.The teeth are thick and are usually made of stainless steel (but can be used, and other metals or alloys) which have a curved shape.Thus, cultivation is useful for gripping the ground.The best types of such tools are the ones that are made without any joints and seams, ie they are cast.Cultivators hand, they have ergonomic handles are also very popular because of easier and more convenient to operate.

Some cultivators formed by a fan with equal sized teeth, other shaped «V», as the middle prong may be smaller or more curved than the rest.All this is done to ensure that these tools were more effective in their work.Choose from so many proposals will only only to the gardener, who will draw on their experience and preferences.

Cultivators hand and their application

One of the main purpose cultivators - processing of land (hoeing, cleaning stones, etc.), but they can also be used for planting and transplanting plants.And this tool treated soil is more favorable for abundant plant growth.

Gardeners also use hand hoes for weeding soil.In this case, the tool allows you to get rid of the accuracy of weeds without touching at the same crops.

There are also hand-held motorized cultivators.They are designed to work at a volume areas.However, the power tool is not suitable for more hard work on individual plants, while hand cultivators are ideal for this purpose.