How to build a house for less?

Many owners often think about how to build a house cheaper.Among the materials used for the construction of low-rise, is still in the lead timber (lumber), bricks and expanded clay blocks (cinder blocks).Undoubtedly, any home will be cheaper if you build it on their own, but they should be carefully calculated.

Brick as a material for walls, durable, virtually not subject to weathering and combustion.Traditionally, the wall thickness of this material is not less than 600 mm, but less than in the installation is additional insulation layer.Before starting work, you should pay attention to the calculation of the foundation, because it is responsible for such a weighty burden.The cost of installation of foundations plus the hiring of crews for construction work does not meet our original query about how to build a house cheaply.

main advantage of wooden buildings - is, above all, environmentally friendly.Many aspire to build from timber or logs for this reason.From what and how to build a wooden hou

se can tell professionals.

The building can be made from logs or planed timber.In any case it does not prevent further processing of wood preservatives.In order to work on the construction of the walls were moving faster, as a material, select the logs processed in the factory.When using planed timber joints between rims will be more dense.Building a house, do not forget to observe the technology of fastening rafters and beams.

To protect buildings from decay needed waterproofing and ventilation.Should insulate the walls and the floor and roof.Typically, finishing these homes should be postponed for one or two years to wait shrinkage design.The price of wood is different depending on the region.If you have a limited budget and you want to calculate, how to build a house for less, do not select as a building material cedar or larch - the cost of these rocks above the other almost doubled.

Those owners who are constantly thinking about what kind of house to build cheaper, have been increasingly used for the construction of any facilities expanded clay blocks, concrete blocks or cinder blocks.

They have a high thermal insulation properties, so much less than the wall thickness (400 mm), as compared, for example, brick, thereby reducing the load on the foundation.

By the way, if you choose this material as a basis may make a monolithic concrete slab.Either it will be necessary to perform the fill strip foundation.Since the blocks have large dimensions, it can significantly reduce the construction period, and their smooth geometry reduces the consumption of any masonry mortar.

unimportant area of ​​the house and its number of floors - most importantly, choose the appropriate load foundation, technology and comply with security measures!But the question of what kind of house to build cheaper, everyone will respond differently, based on the specific situation.